Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: SEVEN DAVIS JR (San Francisco, CA)

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Seven Davis Jr here: the Singer, Songwriter and Producer operating in a multi-verse of genres. His signature is instantly recognizable and stands out amongst contemporary electronic-leaning music, always bringing some much needed humanity back into it.

He was the headlining guest of our 10th anniversary jam in Montreal presented by Boiler Room back in 2018! (Link here)

We’re happy to welcome him for a guest session and catch up with Sev to see what he’s listening to these days!

As a producer and music maker, what inspiration do you draw from putting together DJ mixes, other artists’ music and the DJ process in general?

@SevenDavisJr: My approach to DJ mixes comes from the radio stations I use to listen to and cassette mixtapes I use to make when I was a teen. Where I grew up the radio stations would play a wide variety of music and that memory still influences me. In terms of DJ mixing I tend to mix from a producer/creator standpoint. Beat matching songs because the baseline, vocal harmonies or chords go well together etc. My process really is to just vibe it out and not be too serious because I’m a singer producer most of all.

Tell us a little bit about your latest EP, the super dope (as always!) “One EP”?

@SevenDavisJr: Thanks! Well it’s a Special Edition, something we’re doing to celebrate the relaunch of my label Secret Angels. It features original versions of the two tracks (One & Thanks) that started my career in 2012. Plus unreleased tracks that were being considered for release back then but got rejected by the labels I was talking to at the time. It’s also me reclaiming what’s mine. I made those songs when I was a teenager, they are very personal to me. Felt like they had been taken from me and turned into someone else’s vision. This is me showing what the vision originally was and is supposed to be.

What do you miss the most from sharing and hearing the music you make, in a club context with a crowd? Any thoughts on club culture, post-covid?’

@SevenDavisJr: Being a singer producer who DJs occasionally and not full time, my experience with club culture is obviously from a different perspective. That being said, to keep it 100, I both miss and don’t miss things about club culture. Don’t miss the times when people aren’t feeling you and walk off the dance floor to make some overdramatized statement. But I do miss the moments where everyone is vibing and the room is alive. Seeing people of all types dancing, a beautiful thing man. My only thoughts on club culture post-covid is that I hope people learn to respect and appreciate each other more moving forward. Because club culture can be shutdown, we all just witnessed that.



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).