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MIMS095 — The Comeback Special: Part 1

Well well well. Look who’s back!

After 11 years of monthly editions of my Music Is My Sanctuary show I decided I needed a creative break which ended up taking two years. It certainly wasn’t for a lack of passion for music or for sharing it with all of you. I felt like I lost my sense of purpose with the show and I certainly didn’t want to simply go through the motions if the passion wasn’t there. Creative endeavours shouldn’t be forced.

It feels great to start this show again and I’m excited about the future of it and most all of sharing music with you.

★ The Comeback Special – Part 1 ★
a selection of my favorite records I brought back from my trip to Estonia // Mary Lou Williams mini-tribute // some of my favorite deep-leftfield R&B joints from 2020 // a few Soulful Folk 70’s jams + some Jazz tracks too

★ The Comeback Special – Part 2 ★
part 2 will feature more electronic / soulful dancefloor-leaning jams

Please drop a comment, would love to hear about your favorite discoveries from this episode. Also give the show a share if you feel like it!


Radius Etc – Steal & Feed Dem (Itality)
Om Unit Meets Seekersinternational – Check One
Beck Junghyun – Flow
Lex Amor – 341 (Freestyle)
Bless the Mad – Fall Dead
Liv.e – You the One Fish in the Sea
Rae Khalil – Father – Alt. Version
dreamcastmoe – (301)341-7207
KAM-BU – Touch
Samiyam – intro (living:learning)
Kim Jung Mi – Your Dream
Los Angeles Negros – Yo Se Que Estas
Bobby Charles – Small Town Talk
Elton John – Come Down In Time (the Jazz Version)
THE TAKE VIBE E.P. – Golden Brown
Working Week – Venceremos (Jazz Dance Special Version)
Claude Cooper – Tangerine Dreams
6 x Estonian / Soviet Records Special
3 x Mary Lou Williams Special
Mary Lou Williams – Free spirits
Mary Lou Williams – One
Mary Lou Williams – Praise The Lord

Photo Credit

Photo by Bon Vivant (check out this nice collab project we released a few weeks back!)



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