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Mini-Documentary follows ONRA on the road

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via IAMHERE: Onra is a unique producer and musician killing it on the MPC. That could be a short cut description of our protagonist for this new portrait episode of I AM HERE.

But it goes way deeper than that. This one of a kind producer has very diverging roots and a strong background in Hip Hop and RnB. Killing it on stages and in clubs all around the world he is a never resting but always down-to-earth artist, never losing sight of what is important for good music to be good music. For Spektrum festival we got the chance to travel with him in his pocket from Paris to Hamburg and ended up shooting the interview after his gig at around 2am because of delayed flights and airport strikes. What a day and night!

Anyway, you definetely have to nod your head and move your legs if you hear a tune from Onra. Learn more and listen to his story in our newest feature ONRA // Paris x Hamburg.

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