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Mix of the Day: “100 Years Of Sun Ra : Beneath The Sun” by Jazz Amnesty Sound System


via J.A.S.S: “Today Earth celebrates 100 years with the spirit known as Sun Ra. he came to our planet and created the Arkestra to spread love and knowledge through his cosmic tones. They played the music of the cosmos, jazz from other planets, melodies that echo throughout the universe, tonal clusters designed to shake you out of your foundation and have you grasping at the stars.

This mix is one of two created by sweet daddy luv to celebrate the centennial of this great man. This mix, ‘Beneath The Sun’, tells of Sun Ra’s introduction and exploration of planet Earth; culminating in the awakening of humankind and our opening of the doors to the cosmos.

The companion mix in the ‘100 Years Of Ra’ series is called ‘Over The Moon‘ and it’s focus is on outer space and it’s being “the place”. This mix chronicles Sun Ra’s origins from the outer planes of there and his journey to our solar system”

100 Years Of Ra : Beneath The Sun – sweet daddy luv solo tribute to Sun Ra by Jazz Amnesty Sound System on Mixcloud



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