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Mix of the Day: “The Dockery Juke Joint” by Asma & Yes McCan

The Dockery was a Mississippi plantation widely regarded as the birthplace of Delta Blues one of the earliest forms of african-american cultural expression. A style of music that was born from the swealtering heat and raw untammed soil took the pain and suffering of daily toil and pressed it unto &* rpm records. The contribution of field researcher/recorders such as Alan Lomax is immense but the influence of legendary bluesmen like Charlie Patton and SonHouse is immeasurable. They shaped all of popular music and the gut wrenching passion that eminates from these timeless songs and hymns still resonates today.

Asma & YesMcCan joined forces to bring these sounds and atmosphere back with there The Dockery Juke Joint monthly all vinyl DJ night ( and they put together a comprehensive mix of powerful tracks that follow the blues from its plantation beginnings, to its spread through soulful gospel hymns and electric renaissance. An hour of authentic blues & gospel from many artists descendant of the Delta tradition sprinkled with choice interview cuts from Lomax about what gives a man the blues. Sit back, crack some bourbon and feel the ghosts of The Dockery send chills down your spine and inspire your soul.



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).