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Mix of the Day: Angela Vargas aka DJ Firecracker


Sometimes a mix just catches your attention and you delve into it right away. Sometimes a DJ pops onto the scene and seems to have carved out their niche before they even showed up. This is the case with Toronto’s Angela Vargas aka DJ Firecracker and her self titled mix.

Not much is known about the CanadoEcuatorian music fiend and graphic/visual artist, but the music truly speaks for itself. A well crafted blend of electro-tropical, traditional and Brazilian tracks makes for a seriously trippy listening experience that will transport you to the bahian shores and back!

Julio Jaramillo – Cuando tu
Andreas Eftechiou – Life is a Scream
Iara Reno – Jardineiro
Seeed – Slowlife
Julio Jaramillo
Novos Baianos -Na Cadência Do Samba

DJ Asma

DJ Asma

A Montreal native with West-African roots, Antoine started developing a love for records when his father passed his collection of French, African, Caribbean and Brazilian classics onto him. Ever since, the collector turned selector has spent countless hours in musky basements both here and abroad (Dakar, Lima, Paris, Quito, Rio) in the never-ending search for the perfect beat!