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Video Premiere: Schemes “Tomorrow”

Take a all-star team of arrangers, composers and writers from Montreal, don’t give them any instructions and let them navigate through free jazz, hip hop soul and broken beats: this is what you will get. The musicians from Schemes were  Read more  »

The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #07″ Jean Sibelius Special” (Hosted by ASMA)

Jean Sibelius’ oeuvre was inspired by the same Finnish mountains where he ended his brilliant career. An exuberant creative genius in his youth he seemed to harden with age and was never able to escape the symphonic curse. He left  Read more  »

The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #06 “Erik Satie Special” (Hosted by ASMA)

From his singular composition titles and annotations to his incredibly unique style, Erik Satie has captivated the heart and gripped souls of all who discover his oeuvre. Yet there is much more to his work than the timeless piano pieces;  Read more  »

The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #05 Harp Special (Hosted by ASMA)

The Harp has gone through many historical transformation but its sound has always been synonymous with heavenly vibrations, outlandish dexterity and sweeping softness. Many composers have used it as an ornament but when it is truly at the center of  Read more  »

The Classicaliszt

THE CLASSICALISZT – Show #04 “An Ode To Andres Segovia” (Hosted by ASMA)

Sometimes mastery is embodied by a defining figure, an artist that is emblematic of the instrument itself. In terms of classical guitar, spaniard Andres Segovia is atop the pantheon. From his tone to his innovative techniques and countless transcriptions he  Read more  »