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Monk.E & Sola “Voir ton Soul” Production by Kenlo (Video)

Hip-Hop Soul

Montreal you don’t stop! Seriously I’m getting artistic seizures from all the treasures coming out of this city.

Monk.E, the well-known Montreal visual artist and MC just dropped an amazing new video “Voir ton soul” produced by Ken-Lo, featuring Sola, and captured by Cemont Films. This beautiful love ballad is a new single off of Monk.E’s upcoming album “Le Destin et Beyond” which is already promising to be a future classic. Don’t get it twisted; this isn’t your cookie cutter love song. Ken-Lo’s complex musicality, Sola powerful and folkloric voice, and Monk.E’s caressing and enlightened lyrics bring soulful depth to one of music’s most often used subjects.

To cherry top this track, Cemont Films privileged us an exquisite video. It perfectly personifies the music, highlights the female beauty and leaves you wanting to know more about each character and their relation. Beyond the beautiful personas it represents, it also captures a very unique essence of Montreal. This city is the only place I know where different languages, distinct ethnics, unique styles, Art, Music, children, women, men, and everything under our sky can co-live in such harmony.

Thank you for reminding us xo

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