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Mix of the Day: Mr Scruff & Floating Points “Live @ Plastic People”

House / Techno Soul

This is really all you need today. A whopping 6 hours of amazing music courtesy of Mr. Scruff & Floating Points recorded at Plastic People in London. Complete with the 86 track list!

I talked to Floating Points this summer (check out the conversation here) about a bunch of things, namely how much he loves his monthly night at Plastic People in London. I went there a couple of times in 2006 and it left such a good impression on me. Small place (200), amazing sound, amazing people…

Mr Scruff & Floating Points DJ set from Plastic People, Sat 25 June 2011 by Mr Scruff


1. Matthew Halsall ‘Music For A Dancing Mind’ 2. Ira Sullivan ‘Wonderful Sound’ 3. Eddie Kendricks ‘My People Hold On’ 4. Sound Of Feeling ‘Along Came Sam’ 5. Czeslaw Niemen ‘Z Listo Do M’ 6. Pedro Santos ‘Krishnanda’ 7. Tropical 7 ‘Fuego’ 8. Jorge Ben ‘Ze Canjica’ 9. Steve Reich ‘Music For A Large Ensemble’ 10. African Head Charge ‘Cattle Herders Chant’11. Innocent Youths ‘Lou Sent Me’ 12. Robertino Silva ‘Falange Dos Tambores’ 13. Moritz Von Oswald Trio ‘Vertical ascent’ 13. STL ‘Vintage Hunter’ 14. Pepe Bradock ‘Mandragore’ 15. Cameo ‘It’s Serious’ 16. Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’ 17. Don Blackman ‘Never Miss A Thing’ 18. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson ‘It’s Your World’ 19. The Whatnauts ‘Help Is On The Way (Instrumental)’ 20.Ital Shur ‘Milk & Honey’ 21. Marvin Peterson & The Soulmasters ‘Groove For Otis’ 22. Mikey Brooks ‘Money Is Not All’ 23. Horace Martin ‘Me Rule’ 24. Creation Rebel ‘Starship Africa’ 25. Nicodemus ‘It Have To Ram’ 26. Tapi ‘Quasbah’ 27. John Blair ‘J.L.’s Ego’ 28. Mr. Scruff ‘Feel It!’ 29. Milton Nascimento ‘Reis E Rainhas Do Maracatu’ 30. Deodato ‘Whistle Bump’ 31. Manteca ‘Cosas De Manteca’ 32. Ali & Tams ‘Malo’ 33. Ebo Taylor ‘Heaven’ 34. Rhythmagic Orchestra ‘Tiajuana’ 35. Elis ‘Ou Bola Ou Búlica’ 36. Ana Mazotti ‘Agora Ou Nounca Mais’ 37. Mara Vilhosa – ‘uva de caminhao’ 38. Brunier & Cartier – Madolina 39. Andres ‘Sing About It’ 40. Kenlou ‘The Bounce’ 41. pepe bradock ‘path of least resistance’ 42. Citi ‘Powerplay’ 43. Jesse Gould ‘Out Of Work’ 44. Le Club – ‘hot summers night’ 45. Rick Wilhite ‘In The Rain’ 46. Outkast ‘Spottieottiedopalicius (Instrumental)’ 47. Cesar Mariano & CIA ‘Futebol De Bar’ 48. Jorge Autuori Trio ‘Tema De Nos Tres’ 49. Michel legrand ‘La Passionara’ 50. Anyamele Iwuchukwu ‘Ayi Je-Nu Ahia’ 51. Mr. Scruff ‘Be The Music’ 52. Earl Daley ‘Reggae Sound’ 53. Scientist ‘Below The Belt’ 54. Dennis Brown ‘To The Foundation’ 55. Al Campbell ‘Jah Love’ 56. i n i ‘Square One’ 57. Charlie Palmieri ‘Condiciones Que Existen’ 58. Hermeto Pasqual ‘Bebe’ 59. Kevin Moore ‘Speak Your Mind’ 60. Fatima ‘Mind’ 61. Puzzle ‘State Of Mind’ 62. Anthony King ‘Filigree Funk’ 63. Madelaine ‘Who Is She And What Is She To You’ 64. Four Tops ‘Try Love Again’ 65. Three ounces of Love ‘give me some feeling’ 66. Larry Heard ‘Missing You’ 67. Floating Points ‘Myrtle Avenue’ 68. Phil Upchurch ‘dont i know you’ 69. Common & Jill Scott ‘I Am Music’ 70. Mr. Scruff ‘Give Up To Get’ 71. Mr. Scruff ‘Wobble Control’ 72. Mr. Scruff ‘Where Am I?’ 73. LCD Soundsystem ’45:33 (Theo Parrish Mix)’ 74. Floating Points ‘Marylin’ 75. Carl Craig ‘Sparkle’ 76. Omar S ‘Set it out’ 77. Jeanette Thomas ‘Shake Your Body’ 78. DJ Slym-Fas ‘Luv Music’ 79. Sivuca ‘Ponteio’ 80. Raul De Souza ‘Jump Street’ 81. Colt 45 ‘The Bottle’ 82. Jõao Donato ‘Emoriô’ 83. Quincy Jones ‘If I Ever Lose This Heaven’ 84. Michael Wycoff ‘Looking Up To You’ 85. Bobby Reed ‘The Time Is Right For Love’ 86. The Headhunters ‘God Made Me Funky’



Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).