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Music Is My Sanctuary “10th Anniversary Compilation: Never Stop Digging”


It’s been 10 years since the birth of Music Is My Sanctuary, and what a 10 years it’s been!

The “10th Anniversary Compilation: Never Stop Digging” is an eclectic collection featuring 17 unreleased tracks from artists who all share the same vision and passion, and who represent the mentality and styles that we, Music Is My Sanctuary work to push forward.

Side A focuses on some more floor-oriented grooves from artists who are known for both producing and DJing. Side B (kicked off by the ever-mysterious Clutchy Hopkins) is dedicated to the Hip Hop and Funk heads featuring artists who have all put their own unique spin on genres that have come before. Consider this a Future Classics affair!

This project is a collaboration with 101 Apparel, who are providing the “Never Stop Digging” T-shirts which can be purchased from 101 Apparel directly. Both the T-shirt and cassette were designed by Montreal’s Nik Brovkin. The official Music Is My Sanctuary 10th Anniversary celebration was held at Montreal’s Centre Phi, promoted and broadcasted live by Boiler Room. A big thank you goes out to the artists who provided tracks for this compilation, and to all artists who keep creating such fantastic music for us to share and enjoy. Without you there would be no us, and for this we can’t thank you enough!

We released our “10th Anniversary Compilation: Never Stop Digging” October 24, 2017

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