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Native Instruments “Maschine”


Native Instruments Maschine black white

Today Native Instruments announced the latest version of their popular Maschine. The new model includes updated 1.8 software and their Massive soft synth. For the nice price of $669.00 the Maschine Mk2 will be available in both black and white, multicolored pads with increased sensitivity and can even be customized with optional colored faceplates and knobs (We still have a few of theoriginal Maschine available for $399)Pre-order will be coming to Turntable Lab soon. The release date is set for October 1st.

Native Instruments Maschine black

The Master section has been redesigned. Control volume, tempo and swing with the new multifunction master push encoder – select modes with the new toggle buttons and accurately click through values without having to look at the screen or display. Navigating and scrubbing are much easier, and changing note pitch and detailed tweaking becomes extra-precise thanks to the encoder’s superb physical response. Now with 47 white, backlit click-buttons and colored transport controls, the Mk2 hardware provides a wealth of physical and visual excitement for intuitive beat making.

Native Instruments Maschine

The new color coding of the pads lets you ‘see’ your sounds, streamlining your workflow. Assign colors to the groups, sounds, patterns, and scenes, and see the pads and group buttons on the hardware light up in the same colors. Make your kick drums red, for example, and you’ll always know which pads play your kicks. And with the increased sensitivity of the new pads, you also have a new level of precision at your fingertips.

Native Instruments Maschine

The new Maschine hardware has an exchangeable magnetic faceplate. The black edition has a black plate with black knobs, the white edition has a silver faceplate with white knobs. With the Maschine Custom Kits – available in five color schemes, each provides a new faceplate and matching knobs. Changing the faceplate and knobs is easy – customize your Maschine for a whole new look in seconds.

Native Instruments Maschine Custom Kits

The Maschine Stand is cool accessory for anyone using Maschine. It fits both first generation Maschine models and the new black and white Mk2 hardware controllers, and includes a Mounting Adapter for use with standard drum hardware. Made of robust aluminum, with a black anodized finish and rubber pads for non-slip grip, the stand is designed to provide a strong hold, maximum visibility and improved ergonomics for both studio and stage.

Native Instruments Maschine Stand



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