Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Neptunes & Vanessa Marquez “Good Girl” (2003)


I could probably do a few forgotten treasures selections of my favorite overlooked productions from the Neptunes but I’ll stick to this one for now, although I need to do one on Mase’s “Lookin At Me”, their first hit single that started the great years that followed.

“Good Girl” with Vanessa Marquez came out on the “Clones” record / compilation. Yeah that record did have “Frontin” and a ton of superstar collaborations from Clipse to Snoop but it was kind of a disappointment for me and a lot of Neptunes diehards.

For some reason I’ve always loved this track secretly; never really knew if I was alone out there. Typical Neptunes synth-driven production which you can spot in about 5 seconds. They were probably the only ones making insteresting mainstream rap music in the bling era in the early to mid 2000’s. Pretty intriguing to listen to this R&B track which no one really knew what to make of in 2003 and see how well it aged. In 2012, it fits really well with all those new faces of future soul like Yuna, Rainy Milo, Maylee Todd and so on.

Neptunes / Vanessa Marquez - Good Girl


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