Throw Em' Up

Onra & Lexis “Throw’Em Up 2”

In the summer of 2012, Onra & Lexis joined forces to tackle a project based on a music period they both love so much. That brief period from approximately ’93 to ’96: the New Jack Swing sound got dated and soulful club music became much closer to the Hip-Hop productions of the time to create this Urban R’n’B type of music.

We simply call this era the “Throw Em’ Up” period in reference to the way that everyone in clubs and videos was vibin’ to these tracks: just throw up both your arms and wave them around nonchalantly (if possible with a champagne glass). The selection rules we followed for Vol. 2 are simple: #1: Soul artists featuring MC’s are ok, but not the other way around. #2: All of the picks have to pass the “throw em’ up” dance test, which means: no New Jack Swing stuff, no Timbaland because although Timbo is a genius it’s really a different kind of sound which shaped the late 90’s / early 2000’s sound.

So after the huge success of Throw Em’ Up vol.1 we decided we had to do it again because there are just so many amazing tracks that never really made it big that deserve to be heard!

So after weeks of obsessive research, the mix was recorded live in one take. We made sure to stay under 80 minutes so you can burn it to a CD and take it on the road with you. Vol.2 definitely goes a little bit deeper in the archives of 90’s R&B: we pulled out tons of slept-on tracks, rare versions and remixes.

We hope you like this one! (↓↓↓ Download link Below ↓↓↓)

01. Charisse Arrington – Down With This
02. On The Contrary – Love To Love You (Ass Mova Remix)
03. 702 – Get Down Like That
04. Joe – All Or Nothing
05. Intro – Strung Out On Your Lovin’
06. Assorted Phlavors feat. Big Daddy Kane – Make Up Your Mind (Dave Jam Hall Remix)
07. Case feat Foxy Brown – Touch Me, Tease Me
08. Carl Henry feat. Big Ross – Crazy Love (Remix)
09. Jason Weaver – Stay With Me
10. Jodeci – After Last Night
11. Jesse Powell feat. King Nice – All I Need (Dr. Freeze’s Street Version)
12. Next feat. Naughty By Nature – Penetration
13. Mona Lisa – Can’t Be Wasting My Time
14. Sa..Deuce – Don’t Waste My Time
15. Vybe – Take It To The Front
16. Jade – 5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time Is Up)
17. Beverley Knight – Rewind (Erick Sermon Remix)
18. 911 – Spend Some Time
19. Sean Levert – Just Can’t Get Enough
20. Blacknuss – Dinah
21. Mary J. Blige – Beautiful (Remix)
22. R. Kelly feat. The Notorious B.I.G – (You To Be) Be Happy
23. Camille Douglas – Don’t Leave Me Hangin’
24. Joya – Gettin’ Off On You
25. Smooth – Summertime
26. Aaliyah – Back & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly Remix)
27. Adina Howard – Freak Like Me
28. Boyz-II-Men feat. Craig Mack & Busta Rhymes – Vibin’ (Remix)
29. Whitehead Bros. – Forget I Was A “G” (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
30. Tha Truth – Gotta Find… (A New Love)
31. Horace Brown – Things We Do For Love
32. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (Bad Boy Remix)
33. 1 Of The Girls – No Can Do
34. Lori Gold – I Likes It (Doncker Extended Mix)
35. Soul IV Real – Every Little Thing I Do
36. MQ3 feat. Redman – Everyday (The Reggae & Rock Remix)
37. Eric Gable – Process Of Elimination
38. Gyrl – Play Another Slow Jam
39. H-Town – Knockin’ Da Boots

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