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ONRA “A Re-Introduction to Rap Français”


Second and final instalment of the French Rap tribute mix series by ONRA.

Not a best of, just a compilation of some of his favorite 90’s French Rap songs, including classics and underground hits as well as instrumentals.

The first mix received worldwide love from folks like Ego Trip, OkayPlayer and RBMA to only name a few. But above all, the aim is to help a younger french generation to discover about this forgotten heritage: the golden era of French Rap. The mix is also for the heads who where into these artists & tracks back in those days to rediscover these gems.

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Jimmy Jay – A tous mes frères
Le Cervo – Instru
Rocca – Le Hip-Hop mon royaume
Oxmo Puccino – Mama Lova
Akhenaton – Le calme comme essence
Ghetto Prodige – City Girl
Shankane ft. Busta Flex – C’est moi qui paie
Mafia Underground – Fuis le lauss ft. China (Da Lausz Mix)
X-Men – J’attaque du mike
Sléo – Qui tu representes (Logilo Remix)
Suprème NTM – La fièvre (Remix)
Lumumba – La fortune sourit aux audacieux
Leader Vocal – L’impasse
Lyr-X – Tecnik Microfonik
Democrates D – Hostile (Interlude)
Afro Jazz – Sacerdoce
DJ Seeq – Tension
Sans Transition – Les gens
Diable Rouge – Time Bomb explose
La Relève – La violence
Emmigrands – 2 Philadelphie à Paris
Jimmy Jay – Vision
Ste Strausz – Yo Boom!
Lone ft Emmigrands – Trop de MC’s
Fabe – Dis aux gosses
Shivazz – Le désert
DJ Logistik – Saturday nite
Soul Swing – L’âme Soul
Les Sages Poètes de la Rue
Yaya – Que quelqu’un m’explique
Menelik – Tout baigne (Sleo Remix)
Schkoonk – Les amants de MJ
B-Love – Où est la difference?
Eastwoo – I told ya
Lucien – From a town called Paris
MC Solaar – Superstarr

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ONRA “An Introduction to Rap Francais”

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