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“PIU PIU” Documentary : Exploring the Montreal Beats Scene


Today is a pretty special day for us at MusicIsMySanctuary. We are having a release party for a project we’ve been working on for a little while now. The idea was to do a documentary on the actual state of the Montreal beats scene which we affectionately call “PIU PIU” music. (as in the laser sound. Piu piu piu!!)

Montreal is already doing very on the electronic scene recently with guys like Jacques Greene and Lunice but it’s only the beginning. There is a bunch of talent just lurking in the shadows!

The main reason which drove us to want to document the scene is that there is currently a new wave of upcoming talent that is really making heads turn: young dudes like the ALAIZ squad, Bueller, Shash’U and tons of others. But while the young talent is bringing a lot of energy all the guys that are more the “foundation” of the sound (Scott C, Poirier, Naes, Maxime Robin) are still making great music. One of the biggest inspirations for us and the scene in general has been the impact of the ARTBEAT Montreal events. Created by Sevdee and Mark the Magnanimous two years ago, the event has been the catalyst for all this great momentum our scene has.

Big big props go out to Aisha and Philippe Sawicki who both worked very hard over the last few months. This project is their baby and they deserve major kudos!
Also thanks to Scion Sessions who helped out with the project.

Release party: June 8th in Montreal (with special guest ONRA)
Documentary Release Date: tbc (early July approx)

Documentary Trailer

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