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Future Classic: Poirier “Migration”

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Of all the parts that define Montreal producer Poirier‘s latest album, the label may very well be the part that best places it in the artist’s discography.

In itself, migration is a transitory state, a passage from an origin to a destination. A movement from a known point in space and time to another plane, retaining the same core identity. The landscape might be gradually evolving over time, but the passengers are still who they were at the beginning of the journey. Only some other parts of their personas might now be more apparent. A transition driven by the need to seek a brighter future, an opportunity to escape.

This is the life Poirier breathed into Migration, his latest album in 6 years. One of his most focused creation, breaking away from past titles such as Running High (2010), which was impeccable in its production and still retains its clarity to this day, but expressed its themes in fierier colours.

True to himself, Poirier still retains his unique signature blend of foreign rhythms mixed with familiar local structures, further crafting a layer of “migration” into his art. Bringing communities, languages and cultures together on the same stage to produce a mix of textures made richer by the presence of others. And to paint this word picture, he graces us this time with collaborations with producers Machinedrum, Riddim Wise, and Dubmatix and words from Red Fox, Aleisha Lee and long-time collaborators Face-T, Fwonte and MC Zulu.

Poirier will present his traditional Karnival show during the Nuit Blanche 2016 for a 7th year in a row. Not only is it one of the longest-running events of the Festival, it is also one of the most notable nights of the year.


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