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Exclusive Premiere: Alsogood ft. DJ Harrison “See The Light”

“See The Light” is the first single off from “Elsewhere”, Alsogood‘s upcoming LP, out in January 2024 via Island Records / Universal. Alsogood, moniker of Francesco Lo Giudice, is a musician and producer, among the Italian artists who have been experimenting for years in the intersections between jazz, hip-hop and beats, with several international collaborations and features already under his belt (Illa J, Maro, Brainorchestra, Melodiesinfonie, etc.).

Along this path, the first track out from his upcoming LP features DJ Harrison, multi-
instrumentalist and producer already Grammy-award nominated, affiliated with the historic Los Angeles label Stones Throw and member of the Punk/Jazz band Butcher Brown (Concord

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“See The Light” is an irregular jazz track, which twirls on a synth, hinged on swirling odd
beats marked by the rhythm section, to then glide on a piano solo that sinks like a knife through butter into the backbone of the track.

About their meeting Alsogood says: “I met DJ Harrison at Biko in Milan, for one of his
concerts. We met and chatted after the live. I also gave him some records and we started
talking on Instagram, he heard some of my beats and when I asked him to participate in the record with a soloist he was so happy that he also proposed making a hip-hop remix of the track, which I now keep jealously, and which perhaps we will release in the future”

Label: Island Records / Universal Music Italy
Release: Dec 15th 2023
Format: Digital



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