Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Viscardi & Il Duo Magnetico “Macchina Furiosa” (Forthcoming on Cosmic Romance)

Viscardi & Il Duo Magnetico is a project coming from the italo-swiss DJ/singer Pascal Viscardi and members of the Swiss band L’Éclair, Yavor Lilov and Alain Sandri. Together, they’ve curated a unique fusion of italo-pop, drawing inspiration from new-wave, balearic, boogie, disco, and world music.

Music is My Sanctuary is proud to present an exclusive from the LP, the anthemic cut “Macchina Furiosa”.

Following the release of their first 7” single in the summer of 2023, their debut album “Elka Mare” is set for release on Ed Longo’s excellent Cosmic Romance imprint in January, or for us waiting for the vinyl release, in February of 2024.

Release Date

Digital: January 12th

Vinyl: February 9th

Cosmic Romance bandcamp



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