The Raw House Supreme

The RAW HOUSE SUPREME Show – #189 (Hosted by The RawSoul)

House / Techno

A little bit of Techno, a little touch of Broken Beats and loads of Deep House : past, present, future…

Sonic deepness courtesy of Jacy, Oneiric, Bogus Hunter, A Houseband, Russian Hackers, Orazio Fantini, 4 Hero, Bugz In The Attic, Phil Asher, Underground Resistance, Josh Milan, Ron Trent, Loss Of Gravity, Byron The Aquarius, Hanna Tom Glide and some more!


1.Jacy – Just X
2.Russian Hackers – 303
3.Underground Resistance – Quadrasonic
4.Oneiric – Aurora
5.4 Hero – Dauntless
6.Dego & Kaidi – Adam Rock Dissed!!
7.Byron The Aquarius ft Cropper – Song For A Friend
8.Josh Milan – Fort Greene’s Theme
9.Josh Milan – Anger
10.Afro Force – Goza
11.Bah Samba – Carnival
12.Afro Nova – Soul Samba Express
13.Jacy – Gotta Have It
14.Rick Wade – Kum Tu Tan (Orazio Fonatini Remix)
15.Hanna – Twombleys Glen
16.Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – Long Climbing In The Sun
17.Ron Trent – Sweet Chocolate
18.Bogus Hunter – Bad Runner
19.A Houseband – Another Love Another Happiness
20.Jacy – Dreams
21.Enrico Mantini – State Of Trance
22.Homero G. – Makes Me Feel You
23.Loss of Gravity – Intensity
24.Jacy – I Forgot In The Days
25.Tom Glide & Chidi – Old Skool Dayz


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The RawSoul

The RawSoul

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