The Raw House Supreme

The RAW HOUSE SUPREME Show – #198 Hosted by The RawSoul

House / Techno

A blend of old and new merging some Disco, House & Techno.

Sweetness courtesy of Ron Trent, Anthony Nicholson, Rhythm Of Paradise, Charles Trees, Val G, Expletive, Javonntte, Masters At Work, K15, Larry Heard, John Heckle, Norm Talley and lots more!


1.Linx – You’re Lying
2.Tribute – The Session
3.Anthony Nicholson – Sentimental Journey (Space Dance)
4.Mike Huckaby – Fantasy
5.Charles Trees – Matern
6.Rhythm Of Paradise – Age Of White
7.Urban Species – Listen (Just Listen)
8.K15 – The Story Of Her Life
9.DJ Different – Her
10.Sweely – You Don’t Really Want Me
11.Val G – Are You For Sure
12.Cotterell – Where’s The Beef
13.Heat Alliance – Gimme Yourself
14.Trey Lorenz – Photograph Of Mary
15.Javonntte – Life Of Love
16.Rick Wade – Don’t Look Back
17.Tee Mango – Losing Control
18.Truncate – WRKTRX Rhythm 1
19.Molinaro – Gio
20.John Heckle – 4AM Chord
21.Expletive – Static
22.Faces Drums – Pathways 2 Serenity
23.Luke Vibert – Cassetc
24.Norm Talley – No Need 2 B
25.Replika – Hollowgram
26.Aleqs Notal – Echoes
27.Lee Pearson Jr Collective – Love’s A Secret Place


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The RawSoul

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