The Rawsoul “My 1994”

Growing up as a teen in 1994 was an outstanding thing for me music wise. I consider myself lucky. Thanks to my uncle who was a DJ while I was growing up, I was exposed to many types of different underground music movements starting in the early 80’s.

What made 1994 so special to me was that I felt like all those years of absorbing all kind of music genders were culminating. In other words, in 1994 I was coming into my own in terms of figuring ou what I liked or didn’t.

I was starting to buy 12″ singles almost on a weekly basis and it was definitely exciting and thrilling at the time to go record shopping. Stores were packed wall to wall with amazing music. Slammin’ House tracks and New Jersey inspired raw soulful songs were all over the place. A funky disco-ish and harder sound was also appearing, for better or worse depending of your tastes. The Acid-Jazz coolness was fading, but still around. Trip Hop alongside more abstract beats and sounds started floating around. Jungle and Drum & Bass was exploding in the UK. The mellowness and soulfulness of R&B were still pretty much intact. Hip Hop was living his last golden years moments with strong fat jazzy boom bap beats on the east side and supa smooth soulful G-Funk flavors on the west coast.

I still can’t exactly tell what it was but 1994 had very unique and special atmosphere that I’ll never forget. I really felt like there was no turning back for me on this music thing.

Here’s some of my favorite 1994 jams that I still cherish 20 years later

We love 1994 so much that we decided to put together a 1994 only night! If you live in Montreal, we hope you can make it! Details Here


The RawSoul

The RawSoul

A music lover since he was born, The RawSoul is a spectator of the House Music movement since it's early days. Years of dj'ing, working in records stores and researching expanded his musical taste in many different angles. He can be heard on his weekly show on