SLOW TO SPEAK – in 10 Records

The owners of the Dope Jams record store located in Catskills, NY are the perfect example of DJ’s who live up to their reputation.

Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson, known as the DJing duo Slow To Speak bring that same infectious energy whether they are DJing in a club, illegal loft party or in their own store. The duo are known for the eclecticism and positivity they bring to their dance-floor sets but are also very opinionated when it comes to their vision of what quality electronic music should be.

We asked them to share a few of their favorite records.

1 – Favorite Breakfast Record

Bugge Wesseltoft
“Hope” (Unreleased Version)


Hope: what I wake up with each morning and lose shortly before lunch. There really is no hope when you make a song this sick, but then decide to put a watered down, bubbly version of it on your album and dump this one on a triple cd that I’m guessing about 36 people bought. Anyways, enjoy it in the morning or during lunch or in the evening — god knows we could all use a little more hope at any fucking point of the day.

2 – Favorite Lunchtime Record

Mr. Cee
‘Guru / Gangstarr Tribute’

When I think of lunchtime and music, only one thing comes to mind – Mr. Cee’s Throwback at Noon on Hot 97 in NYC, one of the best mix shows in the city. Unfortunately, Mr. Cee resigned from the station a few months ago. His legendary 21-year run on the air was unfortunately tarnished by his multiple arrests for soliciting transvestite prostitutes. But none of those public embarrassments will ever overshadow his incredibly heartfelt tribute mix to Gang Starr’s Guru, which aired shortly after when the MC died of cancer in 2010.

3 – Favorite Dinnertime Record

Steve Miller Band
“Journey From Eden”


Killer early LP cut from Steve Miller. My dad showed me this song. He is dead now — I imagine this is what heaven sounds like.


4 – Favorite Late Night Record

Carl Craig
“Food and Art (In the Spirit of Revolution)”


Play this at the right time and watch people’s souls leave their bodies. An absolutely mind-bending head fuck masterpiece.

5 – Favorite Peak Time Record on the floor

“Desolate Cities”


This is a Dope Jams classic that we’ve rocked at nearly every one of our parties since it came out five years ago. Props to D’Marc Cantu and JTC for making an acid house track that’s equal parts old school and futuristic.

6 – Favorite Record to clear the floor

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom
“Relevee” (Original Mix)


Every once in awhile DFA puts out a good record. I don’t know if they do it consciously or by fortunate accident, but however it happens we’ll take it. “Relevee” is probably the finest example of said mistake. I’ve tried to start mixtapes with it so many times, but never can I find a track good enough to follow it – it’s that dope! I wish it could go on forever. Be sure to track down the original version on the LP, not the 2×12” of shitty remixes.

7-favorite record to blow speakers / amp

Basement Jaxx
“Fly Life (Extra)”


My god, this record is ruthless! There’s always a good chance that I may blow some speakers when the hi-hats get going. I need it as loud as fucking possible!

8 – Favorite Record to Drive to

‘Think 4 A While’


Produced by the same Jaydee who made “Plastic Dreams,” this song perfectly captures the innocence of ambient music in the early 90’s. I love flying down the NY State Thruway with this on. Thanks to Ross Owen for the heads up on this one!

9 – Favorite Summer Record(s)

How can you pick just one summer jam? That’s crazy!

This song reminds me of riding down Atlantic Ave towards East New York in July…

And nothing says summer like Fat Joe!

And Lil Wayne..

And one for Doom Dog

I could go on for days.

10 – Favorite Winter Record

Paul Horn
“Ancient Kings”


Nothing like watching snow fall to this Windham Hill wonder!

For those of you in the Montreal area, be sure to check out SLOW TO SPEAK + our very own The Rawsoul on February 21st, 2015 at Bleury Bar.





Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).