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Mix of the Day: Jazz Amnesty Sound System “Jazz From Planet Earth”


via Jazz Amnesty Sound System:

“For the past 4 years the Jazz Amnesty Sound System have been putting up jazz mixes for anyone with ears. Along the way we have explored as many different facets, styles and eras of this music as we could to help showcase the malleable nature of this century old form of music. Showing both where it has come from and where it is heading in it’s ongoing evolution.

This brings us to our 50th mix titled ‘Jazz From Planet Earth’. An over 2 hour journey where no two tracks come from the same country. With 22 tracks spanning the globe you can hear how truly influential jazz has become to the whole wide world. From it’s humble beginnings at the mouth of the Mississippi jazz a permeated so many cultures that it has become a global language. A tool for bringing us together.

Thanks for listening.”

J.A.S.S. #40 : Jazz From Planet Earth by Jazz Amnesty Sound System on Mixcloud

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