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Stunning Vinyl Record Weight from Scout Leather Co.

via Scout Leather Co: For the Love of Analog. The beauty of playing vinyl records to me is that it is a hands-on experience. The act of putting on a record you have chosen to play creates a more engaging listening experience. This project was created for my love of analog audio and to those that also enjoy spinning vinyl.

Acrylic platter, record washer, anti-static sleeves, stylus tip cleaner, carbon fiber brush, 45 adapter and disc stabilizer clamp, any of these sound familiar? If you are like me, you may own and use a few of the aforementioned items, as they are all inexpensive and simple ways to improve the sound of your vinyl. However, with so many accessories taking up space, the idea to combine a 45 adapter and clamp is what inspired the Scout RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight.



The Scout RAW-1 Record Adapter Weight is designed for use on almost any turntable* and works with both LP and 45 rpm vinyl records. The main idea is to combine a 45 adapter and record clamp, two pieces designed to function as one. Other design objectives include:

Small Footprint. The size of the RAW-1 must be smaller enough than the diameter of the record label to prevent contact with the tonearm and cartridge at the end of play of a record.
Low Profile. The height of the RAW-1 must be low enough to sit on the spindle under the dust cover when not in use.
Heavy Brass. The mass of the RAW-1 should provide enough weight to flatten records to the platter but not cause undo wear to the turntable’s bearings.
Easy to Use. The RAW-1 should simply fit over the spindle and be easily removed.
Ergonomic Form. Both pieces of the RAW-1 should be firmly graspable and easily handled.
* Not recommended for use on antique or toy record players as damage to the drive mechanism may occur.



The RAW-1 consists of two pieces: the Tamper and the Ring. The Tamper by itself works as a 45 adapter. Simply place it onto your turntable spindle to provide playback of 7” vinyl records with a big center hole. The Ring can also be used when playing big hole 45s as it slips over the Tamper and sits on the record flattening it down onto the platter.

Even though the RAW-1 is a two-piece design, it functions as one when combined. To remove off the spindle, simply lift up the Tamper which will also lift the Ring at the same time. If you do not play a lot of 45s, keep the RAW-1 together for use on your LPs.


Vinyl records are thin and flexible and are often warped. As most records do not lie flat on the turntable platter, sound reproduction suffers due to the stylus riding on an unsupported record. The RAW-1 weighs down the record and secures it from moving, increasing the detail and accuracy for improved tracking. It also adds mass to the platter increasing rotation accuracy, dampening vibrations and reducing sonic distortion.


Records that are bowed downwards contact the platter at the outer edge but not in the middle. On the other hand, records that are bowed upwards tend to rock on the platter. Anti-skating compensation is less effective and record wear is increased substantially because of the vertical action of the stylus. The RAW-1 helps flatten and support the record down onto the platter to improve tracking for a more stable playback.

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