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Future Classic: Submerse “Algorithms and Ghosts”


First things first. I must apologize because I misled you dear readers in a previous post about Submerse‘s Tears EP. After some inquiring, I found out that Submerse is English but lives in Japan. That make some sense since the sound on this EP makes me think of another sweet record on Project: Mooncircle; the marvellous Kidsuke project which is a collaboration by british KIDKANEVIL and japanese DAISUKE TANABE.

My “Burial vs Prefuse73” comparison of my previous post still holds though. But this time there’s is more Prefuse than Burial. Still very textured but more downtempo and hip-hop “ish”. My favorite track Dim Lights and Meteorites (featuring Sorrow) is a masterpiece of reversed sounds, texturised claps and rap invectives (Sorrow on the mic?).

There is also a new trap influence in the drums. The snare sound and the hi-hat pattern on the title track made me think of TNGHT a little bit. Without being too in your face, it stays sweet with nice uses of vocal chops and ambiant synth sounds.

More info on Algorithms and Ghosts there but you can listen a bit right here!



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