The Raw House Supreme

The RAWHOUSE SUPREME – Show #221 – Detroit House Special pt. 3 (Hosted by The RawSoul)

House / Techno

Get ready for Round 3!

A selection of classic and forgotten tracks that shaped the Detroit Techno & House sound.


1.A Number Of Names – Sharevari
2.Cybotron – Alleys Of Your Mind
3.Cybotron – Clear
4.Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier
5.Tronik House – Up Tempo
6.World 2 World – Cosmic Traveller
7.Kenny Larkin – Integration
8.Model 500 – Starlight
9.Octave One – The Resolution
10.Octave One – Images From Above
11.Suburban Knights – The Art Of Stalking
12.Moodymann – Dem Young Sconies
13.Model 500 – No UFO’s
14.Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings
15.E-Dancer – Pump The Move
16.One On One – You’re My Type (Make Your Body Move)
17.Blake Baxter – Sexuality
18.X-Ray – Let’s Go
19.Underground Resistance ft Yolanda – Living For The Night
20.Reese – Just Another Chance
21.Separate Minds – First Bass
22.Rhythim Is Rhythim – Feel Surreal
23.Intercity – Groovin’ Without A Doubt
24.Underground Resistance – Quadrasonic
25.Rythim Is Rythim – The Dance
26.LowKey – Rainforest
27.Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – Forever
28.DB-X – Electric Shock
29.Reese & Santonio – Force Field
30.Mad Mike & DJ Rolando The Aztec Mystic – Aztlan
31.69 – My Machines
32.Theo Parrish – Dusty Cabinets
33.Fade To Black – In Synch
34.Inner City – Share My Life
35.E-Dancer – Heavenly
36.Inner City – Good Life
37.Urban Culture – The Wonders Of Wishing
38.R-Tyme – Use Me
39.R-Tyme – Illusion
40.Mayday – Wiggin
41.Blake Baxter – When We Used To Play
42.Reese & Santonio – The Sound
43.The Reese Project – I Believe
44.System 7 – Altitude
45.BFC – Galaxy
46.Millsart – Humana
47.Claude Young – That Dear Green Place
48.Alif Tree – Forgotten Places
49.Arron Carl – Crucified
50. Inner City – Till We Meet Again

The RawSoul

The RawSoul

A music lover since he was born, The RawSoul is a spectator of the House Music movement since it's early days. Years of dj'ing, working in records stores and researching expanded his musical taste in many different angles. He can be heard on his weekly show on