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TUDO BEM #12 — Hosted by Tahira (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Always a pleasure to get a new episode from our dear friend TAHIRA, the talented DJ / tastemaker from Sao Paolo never disappoints! Here is the summer edition of his radio residency with MIMS.

Wishing you all a great summer. Make the moments count!


Bonobo Elysia
Amanda Magalhães O amor te dá
Funk na Caixa Chega
Craca Cefalópode
Satellites Yar Oi
Jaguar La Isla
Martins Me Dê
Coco Fulo do Barro Terreiro sem
Cerca Mohandas Saudades do Pará
Gaspar Muniz imbola vo imbola (gaspar muniz remix)
Brian Jackson All Talk (Extended Version)
Braxe & Falcon



DJ, producer and digger Tahira features another eclectic and instructive djing which blends genres and eras, from traditional sounds to the electronic mixtures from the DJ culture.
His work is hugely influenced by African, Latin, Brazilian.