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TUDO BEM #10 — Hosted by Tahira (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Our favorite Brazilian DJ/selector returns with another episode of his unmissable Tudo Bem show.

@tahira: I recently moved to a beach city called Florianopolis, running away from the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo. After some weeks here finally I’m setting myself in the BPM from here.

Now im more near the nature, more peace, more zen. Pandemic times is not that hard anymore. As i said at the end of the show. These are sounds i have been listening a lot. Making my life better and lighter. We still having hard times with the Covid. Just few bar gigs (not open for dancefloor stituations). I’m missing a lot dance with a crowd in front of me. But now life is treating me good. So, this is how reflects a lot how im feeling right now in this new place. And the future challenges. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Clarianas – Derramagoa (Not On Label)
Ubunto – Etiopia Mundo Negro (Not On Label)
Alessandre Leão – Varanda (Garganta Recs)
Tigana Santana- Flor Destinada (Noize)
JISR – Musaka (Free Soul Inc)
Tayio – Ama (Darker Than Wax)
Sotamayor – Quema (Wonderwheel)
Mereba – Rider
Bruna Mendez – Dancei (Not On Label)
Curumin – Tudo Bem Malandro (Ennio Styles Remxi)(Not On Label)
Dj Rodrigo Bento – Corpo (Not On Label)
Beto Brito – Segure o Coco 
Coco de Tebei – Peixe Piaba (Chico Correa Remix)
Ilu Oba de Min – O Sol de Lia (Not On Label)
Coco Fulo do Barro – Forro de Cão (Caio Zan Remix)
Guy Monk – Feeling Right (I Records)
Charles Webster – We Belong Together (Dimensions Recordings)
Henry Wu Tito Wun – Andre the Gians Vs Bob Sapp (Tartelet Records)
Abase – Agangatolu
Bernardo Pinheiro – Xango (Barefoot Beats)
Baianasystem – Agua (Jimpster Remix)
Body Music – Theres a Magic (Pacific Standard Records)
Lucky Mereki – Your Lips (RE:WARM)
Grupo Maracutaia – Iara Negra (Not on Label)
Tincoãs – Cordeiro de Nanã (EMI)
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo – La Vie C’est Joli (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ze Bigode Orquestra – TiKulafe (Not On Label)
Paulo Padilha – Certeza e Ilusão
Asa – Nova Inteligencia (Not On Label)
Cortex – Mary et Jeff (Trad Vibe)
Axel Krygier – Echal Semila (HiTop Records)
Toto La Momposina – Mojana (Auvidis)
Coco de Oya – Café Pra São Benedito (YB)
Raul Monsalve Y Los Forajidos – Bocon (Orestes Gomez REmxi)(Olindo)
Maugli- Trouble (Shika Shika)
Chancha Via Circuito – Los Pastores (Rafael Aragon Remix)(Wonderwheel)
Posy – In My Mind (Bastard Jazz)
Mara TK – Bad Meditation (Extra Soul Perception)
Eboni Band – Fasso (We Are Busy Bodies)



DJ, producer and digger Tahira features another eclectic and instructive djing which blends genres and eras, from traditional sounds to the electronic mixtures from the DJ culture.
His work is hugely influenced by African, Latin, Brazilian.