Forgotten Treasures

Various Artists “La Super Onda – Vol. 2” (1977, Repsychled Records)

Soul & Funk

The second instalment of Repsychled Records’ “La Super Onda” series.

This one features tracks from El Gran Grupo, Jaime Delgado Aparicio y Orquesta, and Grupo X. Jaime Delgado Aparicio y Orquesta was a great combo with the master of Peruvian Jazz Jaime Delgado Aparicio on piano, a big orchestra with around 60+ musicians on violins & brass, as well as some Black Sugar musicians on guitar, percussions, etc. On vocals were the great Melissa Grifiths and Roxanna Valdivieso, two young girls that later became two amazing artists. This was made as a double A side test pressing for radio in 1977. Totally rare and absolutely fantastic!

Grupo X is another mystery band as they only made one private 7″. The A Side is a version of the popular folk song “El Condor Pasa”, which is very popular internationally because of Simon & Garfunkel‘s version. Not many people know but it’s a Peruvian composition from Daniel Alomias Robles. This one is a funky version with “in concert” overdubs. The last track is a funky cover of the classic by Jeff Beck.

Some extremely rare recordings given a second chance by Lima, Peru based Repsychled Records.

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