Video Premiere: Richard Spaven “Spin (feat. Jordan Rakei)”

Following the release of his latest album “Real Time”, critically acclaimed drummer and composer Richard Spaven has connected with a Berlin-based dance collective to present the new video for his track ‘Spin’.

After Spaven came across a choreography the collective had done for his song ‘Undertow’, the two parties quickly connected and agreed to collaborate on his next album. This video was recorded in a Berlin warehouse creating the perfect visual match for the juxtaposing energetic and introspective mood of ‘Spin’.

Choreographer and collective leader Ioannis Hatsis created the choreography to include various dance styles including Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, House Dance and Contemporary.

“I am very honoured that I got the chance to connect with Richard so fast. The songs really inspire me and open up my mind to create new ways to do movements. Working on the ‘Spin’ dance video was a very unique experience. The energy that live instruments, especially drums create, really push you as a dancer. The rhythms, sounds and patterns Richard produces are challenging for me as a choreographer. The combination of live music, atmospheric fusion sounds and tricky rhythms couldn’t be better for me!” says Ioannis.

For those in Berlin, the Richard Spaven Trio and the dancers will be performing an exclusive live choreography on stage this Saturday night, November 24th at Gretchen.

“Real Time” released November 2, 2018

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