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Nanna.B “Solen” (Jakarta Records)

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From Denmark to LA, soulful songstress Nanna.B delivers a confident and soothing performance on her latest LP released with Jakarta Records.

Right from the first listen, the tone of the album is one of comfortable creativity and natural fluidity, promoting an openness to adapting to change while remaining true to yourself. Over twelve tracks, Nanna.B conveys a positive confidence without even a hint of anxiety, a feeling which is eventually shared with the listener. It’s this attitude that makes “Solen” such a great album.

Upon travelling to LA the singer caught the attention of many noteworthy artists including Anderson .Paak, Mndsgn, Iman Omari, and Shafiq Husayn who all ended up helping with producing and crafting the tracks. These collaborations give the LP a warm sonic familiarity and perfectly compliment Nanna.B’s signature otherworldliness.

In her own words she states “I wanted to make an album that reflected my journey as a human and artist growing comfortable in my own skin, and the discovery of my own power and strength which I really found by moving out of my comfort zone in Denmark… almost like an unfolding of myself”.

“Solen” released November 16, 2018 on Jakarta Records

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