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Video Premiere: Snazzback “Koch Loch” (Live on The Gallimaufry)


We are excited to share the a live video from youthful Bristol-based jazz outfit, Snazzback, performing their grooving new single, “Koch Loch”, live on the roof of The Gallimaufry, out today in association with Worm Discs.

“Koch Loch” comes on hot on the heels of the success of their last singles “Yum Yum” & “Grook”, released as part of Worm Discs’ “New Horizons – A Bristol ‘Jazz’ Sound” compilation, also championed by Music Is My Sanctuary.


Recorded as a special dedication to The Gallimaufry, the venue which serves as the De Facto home of The Bristol Jazz Scene, the track was recorded on the roof of the venue during lockdown in the summer of 2020. This new track from Snazzback really captures the energy of the Bristolian Jazz scene. The song is also the debut of the Gallimaufry’s “Morning Room Concert” series, which seeks to provide some of Bristol’s best “Jazz” artists a platform to record direct in the hub of the Bristol music scene.

Snazzback trumpet player and “Koch Loch” composer, Alfie Grieve, told us, “The song is adapted from an old beat from a batch of beats on my hard drive which I sent to the other guys 18 months ago. We were invited to play at The Gallimaufry for a pandemic special episode of Snazzback. We wanted to play something different for us, given how much all our lives had changed this year. So the beat got dragged up out of the snazz vaults as something we could adapt for the session. We spent a couple of hours together in Hal’s garden, worked our magic and brought the idea to life. This was the first time we were able to meet up and play together since the start of the pandemic, so it was a joyful occasion and the music came together easily.

The Gallimaufry is one of a few Bristol venues which puts on music every day of the week all year round. Something we are very blessed to have in our city (and big up everyone who puts in the work and belief to make this happen.) What makes the Gallimaufry special to me is that they have chosen to work consistently with a few selected artists over a long period of time, allowing those artists and their regular nights to grow into something really special and beautiful. They provide a real home for their musicians and guests, and the comfort and familiarity of this space allows the music to flow more easily to new territories, which in turn brings people who come there together through having been on all these journeys together over the years. Waldo’s Gift are a great example of this, who play together like no-one else ! Big love to James Koch and all the staff at the Gallimaufry, as well as everyone who consistently comes out there to enjoy live music.”

James Koch, Gallimaufry venue owner, added, “we’ve been blessed to work with singular talents such as Waldo’s Gift & Snazzback over a number of years. The Morning Room Concert is a way for us to maintain this creative connection. It’s a stripped back performance, in daylight, perhaps in an unusual location around the venue. The first – An Alfie Grieve penned Snazzback track – is the first recording we’ve attempted on our roof. Next up we’ve a wonderful version of Waldo’s Gift’s recent single on Black Acre ‘The Hut’.” We can’t wait to hear, and to check out The Gallimaufry next time we are in Bristol!

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