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Future Classic: Vinyl Williams “Brunei”

Eclectic Ambient

Vinyl Williams brings some stoney “transcendental pop” with his latest LP ‘Brunei’.

I love a good album that you can throw on in any situation and listen to front to back, without having to worry about “that one song” that you most likely will have to skip. Brunei, for me, is one of those albums. The mood stays constant throughout and is never intrusive. If need be, you can still have conversation with it playing in the background, and it won’t become too distracting, while listening to it solo in your headphones is also a totally blissful experience.

Vinyl Williams is one of the artists signed to Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi)’s label Company Records. There will always be a nice place in my heart for Chaz and everything he is apart of. The man just knows exactly what he’s going for and pulls it off perfectly and effortlessly with everything he does. Vinyl Williams holds down the tripped-out stoner-rock side of things on Company Records, really going all the way with graphics and persona. I think it’s necessary for an artist to know who they are, and who they are trying to portray, and then going all out with it. It just makes things so much more interesting!

To promote Brunei, Vinyl Williams also released an absolutely amazing Interactive 3D Animated music video for the track “Feedback Delicates” which you can check out below!

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Hailing from beautiful British Columbia, Canada Mike now resides in Montreal where he makes music under his solo moniker avroARROW, and also plays in a mysterious five person band known as THE DEATHLY ILLS. At Music Is My Sanctuary, he is the head of Content Management.