Voyage Funktastique

VOYAGE FUNKTASTIQUE #198 — Hosted by Walla P

This week’s show features new music from Koolade, XL Middleton, Ourra, Kazzey SaiR and a load of 80’s Boogie-Funk-Disco.

Tracklist :

Koolade – The Bop
Donell Pitman – Chocolate Lover (E.Live Mix)
SaiR – Don’t You Worry feat. Moniquea (Rework)
Ourra – Underneath The Neon Moon
XL Middleton – 1990 Brougham d’Elegance
Koolade – The Hop
Steve Parks – Movin’ In The Right Direction
Sho-Nuff – You Got Me Workin’
Syndicate – Dance You To The Ground
Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor
Charles Amoah – Sweet Vibrations
Shades of Love feat. Kathrine Joyce – Come And Make Me Feel Good
B.T. Express – Does it Feel Good to You
XL Middleton – Blue Man Down
Kazzey – Feel The Funk (feat Mofak)
Dogg Master – ITRY
XL Middleton – Crown Royal Bags
Koolade – The Pop
Kazzey – Shooting star (feat Sally Green)
Mike McCray – Bring Your Love Back
Lemelle – You Got Something Special
Lynda Daw & Bes Kep – Roses
Fifth Of Heaven – Just A Little More (Surrender Mix)
Onstage – Alibi (Instrumental)
Robyn – Searching (Piano Mix)
Spank – Oh Baby!

Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.