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AURAL MOOD #01 — Summer 2020 (Hosted by Honeydrip)

Honeydrip presents Aural Mood; an ongoing series of mixes made to accompany you in specific settings where the mood will be just right.

This delightful mix is perfect for a sunny day in the park. Soothing synths and quirky beats will surround you as you bathe in the sun.

(Cover image by Belong to the void)


Rei Harakami- After Joy
Erik Wollo- Panorama
Shea- Aspartame
Chaos in the CBD- Formation
E.R.P.- Tandy Center
Silvestre- Floresta
Unknown-No fun
Jitwam- Busstop N.O.T.E.S pastamix
Dirty Jak- Truth is
D.Tiffany- Get Back to you Soon
Mori Ra- Edit 76



DJ // Producer
Radio Host at n10as radio