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Voyage Funktastique – Show #110 (Hosted by Walla P)

Modern Funk

via Walla P:

For this episode, the homies from First Touch provided a super guest mix (with a personalize intro); also got some newness from Inkswel, Midnight Runners, Opolopo and E.Live. 90 minutes of Funk coming your way, Stay Funky.

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Temu – Voyage Funktastique
Frankfurt Funk – Soulfood
Jaygee – Before You Leave
APSD – Homegrown feat. Joe Dukie
Madwill – Let’s ride (Mofak Re – work)
Anri – He’s My Music
Toshiki Kadomatsu – 52nd Street

First Touch Guest Mix

First Touch – Voyage Funktastique Tribute
Loose Ends – Let´s get Back To Love
The Jones Girls – 2 Win U Back
Michael Henderson – You Would´t Have to Work
New Horizons – Your Thing Is Your Thing
Brick – Wide Open
First Touch – Just A Groove
Billy Griffin – Respect
Chanson – Rock Don´t Stop
Fonzi Thornton – (Uh-Oh) There Goes My Heart (instr.)
Johnny Kemp – Just Another Lover (intstr.)
The Jones Girls – Knockin

End of First Touch’s mix

Amana – Icarus (Opolopo Remix)
Midnight Runners – Last Train Home
SaiR – The Perception
Inkswel – Outer Space Connection feat. Steve Spacek & Harvey Sutherland
E. Live – Together ft. Saucy Lady

Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.