Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Teulé “Drink On Me” (1990)

House / Techno

I love exchanging hand picked suggestions with my fellow music nerd friends. Actually, it’s an extension of what we try to do with these forgotten treasures picks. Human suggestions over computer algorithms.

I was given this release from two different friends in a span of a week. Quite a coincidence when you consider this is a 25 year old track. The only way you would get excited about this record if it was your hands for the first time, is by looking at the fine print. On close inspection, the true house fan will immediately notice “K.Chandler” in extremely small font.

One of the first productions ever from house legend Kerri Chandler, “Drink On Me” is performed by little known vocalist Teulé and features a nice use of classic disco anthem “Over And Over” by Sylvester. And let’s not forget those killer swing drums so present in early 90’s house with producers like Pal Joey, Burrell Brothers, Wayne Gardiner, etc…

It is definitely one of the finest 90’s rare house records you can own without paying too much for. Probably because most people don’t bother to look at the fine print!

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