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“The Unseen” Documentary on Detroit Hip-Hop Producers

I’m stood in the middle of some sweatbox club on the Brighton seafront. On stage, three of Detroit’s finest are putting the finishing bars to Game Over by Dabrye. At the end of the track, DJ Dez cuts the music and P...
by Cal


Quasimoto “Catchin’ The Vibe”

via Stones Throw: “Quasimoto’s “Catchin’ the Vibe” was released on the album Yessir Whatever produced by Madlib. We set out to film the video for “Catchin’ the Vibe” in Quasimot...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


The Story behind Jeru & Dj Premier’s “Come Clean”

via the good folks at EGOTRIP “It wasn’t really East versus West, it was fake versus real.” So says Jeru the Damaja about his rugged, no holds-barred “Come Clean” in this Complex TV presentation on the making of...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)



Documentary: “NY77 The Coolest Year In Hell”

It’s a rainy Sunday night here in Montreal, which basically provides the perfect scenario for settling down (after what was most-likely a weekend of hard partying) and watching a great doc. Whatever the weather, NY77 – ...
by Doc'trin


Onra & Lexis “Throw’Em Up 2” – All the Videos!

The second edition of the Throw Em’ Up mix is finally out and we’re really happy that people are loving it. Tons of people are discovering tracks they didn’t know and also falling back in love with a few class...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Documentary: “Lookin 4 Galt” (produced by Gasface)

You might not have heard of Canadian composer Galt MacDermot but you’ll almost certainly recognise his music. Creator of the most popular musical of all time, Hair, Galt also turned his hand to some of the most famous sample...
by Cal


Between The Beats - Motor City Drum Ensemble

Between The Beats: Motor City Drum Ensemble

As Resident Advisor follows Motor City Drum Ensemble over a few days, we witness an introspective and personal view of his time on the road. Once one of the busiest DJ, Danilo Plessow then suddenly vanished from the circuit. In...
by Philippe Sawicki


Film: “All Ears – A Glimpse into the Los Angeles Beat Community”

The amount of experimental hip hop coming out of Los Angeles over the last ten years is matched only by the number of genre names attached to it. Cue many an infuriating conversation about Flying Lotus’s evolving sound, j...
by Cal


Video Dig: Lapalux “Without You”

I’m pretty psyched about this video dig because I actually discovered it through one of our readers. I love when that happens cause people have a tendency of thinking that just cause we write about music that we’re music ex...
by MF Gold



“The Godfather of Disco” Documentary on Mel Cheren & West-End Records

This documentary is more than just about the life of Mel Cheren, it’s a a great time capsule for what was a great era in New York City club culture; the burgeoning disco sound, unified dance floors consisting of every rac...


Thelonious Monk “Straight No Chaser” (Live in London 1965)

Thelonious Monk Quartet performing Straight No Chaser in televised performance at the Marquee Club, London, 1965. Personnel: Charlie Rouse (ts), Thelonious Monk (p), Larry Gales (b), Ben Riley (d)
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)


Jazz Amnesty Sound System (PEEPS Mini-Documentary)

As part of the PEEPS Series here is a Mini Doc on two Montreal DJs who although they are recognized as some of the most eclectic out there decided to form a duo / side project focusing only on their love of JAZZ music. Jazz Amn...
by Lexis (MIMS Founder)