Exile & Blu “When Nothings Left”

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Exile on the MPC

Picture courtesy of Philippe Sawicki

I was chilling with Lefto this summer and he made me listen to what he said was the new Exile record but to my surprise he told me that this time, the Cali producer we all love was stepping to the mic for his record called 4TRK MIND. Following the footsteps of other producers’ excursions on the mic (Pete Rock, Madlib, Jay Dee), Exile is putting himself out there. Judging by the promo flyers I saw for the record he’s doing it all in good fun.

Check out this preview of the record with Blu on top of a nice Otis Redding song. “That’s How Strong My Love Is”, one of my favorite Otis jams.

Exile & Blu – When Nothings Left


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