Future Classics

Future Classic: Astronote “Astroblacked”

Beats Hip-Hop

Astronote is back with his new album titled “Astroblacked” and here to prove that he deserves to be mentioned along with all the great beatmakers of this era.

He is following up on the momentum from his recent collaborations with Stacy Epps, Buff 1, LMNO (to only name a few), mixes and the fantastic “Weapon of the future” album released with the participation of well established emcees like Rasco and Trek Life.

With great future soul vibes like the Blakk Soul & Séou assisted “World“, some soulful spaced out beats “FTJFY” or a beautiful collabo with the ever evolving Illa J “Crunch time“, this is a press play and enjoy type of record. No skipping needed!

My favorite one (although it tends to change) is “Rhymes on paper (Vivid)” with the assistance of none other than the artist who seems to be on almost every good underground hip hop project out there: Los Angeles’ Blu. The beat rides for a minute before he gets in and drop some knowledge on us, only to let all the space back to the french producers for a lovely outro.

There is only one thing missing to achieve perfection with that project, a beautiful double LP version! I need that on wax!

Track taken from Kramos’ last monthly “Fresh Taste” radio show.



Since his parents bought him a used "Pyramid" mixer more than 20 years ago, Kramos has always been a fiend to discover new music in every format possible and put mixes together. His first love was hip hop, but his tastes are now more eclectic than ever. The monthly show "Fresh Taste" with his friend MC Tank Pumpin' is proof of that.