Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Azuquita Y Su Orquesta Melao “Pura Salsa” (1975)


This week’s choice was inspired by this past weekend. On Saturday I had the pleasure of playing with some of my favorite selectors in between live sets from La Mecanica Popular, Bixia 70 and The Frightnrs. Heavy tropical rhythms that had that converted mechanic shop in Brooklyn rocking lovely until 5AM.

Following 2 hours of sleep, I woke up on Sunday morning to kick off a daytime/brunch party I started Uptown. Daytime vibes, mainly soulful and jazzy tracks with some Hip-Hop and tropical flavors thrown in for good measure.

This album, “Pura Salsa” by Azuquita Y Su Orquesta Melao got burn both days. From the funky “Guajijo Bacan” to the dancer friendly salsa track “Cuarto Bate” the album is super dynamic, meshing bomba, merengue, soul and salsa properly and authentically.

My favorite track though is “Salsa Na’ma” which interestingly enough is not a salsa track. Rather it is a sexy soulful joint that always gets the ladies moving just right.

Press play and enjoy.





Christian Martir

Christian Martir

Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and now residing in New York City, Christian Mártir likens himself to a renaissance man. Over the last 7 years, as founder of the Rice & Beans Sound System, he has played and spread his love for Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and culture.