Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Belle Epoque “Miss Broadway” (1978)

Soul & Funk

“Miss Broadway” is equal parts guilty pleasure and dollar bin treasure.

One that may have dancers thinking that it’s this super rare and hard to find when in fact you’ve probably seen it a bunch of times in the 1 dollar bins and weren’t attracted by the cover art.

Belle Epoque was a french group from the late 70’s and i’ll be honest, this is the only track I know from them but it’s funky as hell. This is the kind of jam that has a little bit of something for everyone. The vocals aren’t typical disco but the backing track is classic 80’s Boogie stuff… and the break is pretty funny / awesome too “uhhh huhhh. i like it”

The track was never a huge radio hit as American radio DJs generally ignored Miss Broadway, whereas club DJs were all over the oddly funky title song (which rapper Special Ed sampled 13 years later on 1990’s “Come On, Let’s Move It”).

Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway

Special Ed’s “Come on, Let’s Move It”



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