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Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Crema Púrpura “Pa’ Vacila” B-Side (1973)

One of my favorite websites in the whole world is, a message board whose main concern is to document the catalog of Latin American songs from yesteryear.

Us Spanishes have an unctuously rich musical tradition, but only select nations are immediately recognized for their contributions to the sonic landscape, like Mexican regional & their pop machine, or the Carribean stylings that were exported from Cuba and Puerto Rico to shores on both sides of the Atlantic.

Not to knock them because, quite frankly, their output is undeniable, there are entire universes that lay dormant in the shadows they cast onto their neighbors. Salvadoran band Crema Púrpura are relatively unknown, even by their Guanaco compatriots. Their sound is akin to Carlos Santana locking himself in a musty basement and doing excessive amounts of psychotropic drugs. On top of the ones he was already on, I mean. Unfortunately, the A-Side is nowhere to be found on the Internet and the only copy of their album I’ve seen thus far is going for 150$ on eBay. Yikes.

Crema Purpura - Pa Vacila

Amor Latino
Otilo Mongoro