Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: David Ruffin “I Want You Back” (1971)


Motown Records was pretty famous for having tons of artists have a go at the classics of the label. Guess it’s save a lot of money on the rights and when you’ve got all tons of classics it’s just good business.

There are a couple of versions of ABC’s “I Want You Back” song, but this one I didn’t know about. David Ruffin was one of the lead singers for The Temptations in their glory years, the “classic five” period: Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, Paul Williams, and David Ruffin. Marvin Gaye once said admiringly of David Ruffin that, “I heard in his voice a strength my own voice lacked.” He left the group in 68 and went off to have a pretty successful career after that too.

I don’t know how this version could have passed me by but I’m glad I found it now! No disrespect to Michael’s version but to me love songs about girls always sound better sung but a grown man and not a 8 year old kid.

David Ruffin - I Want You Back

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