Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Sade “By Your Side” (Naked Music Mix #2)

House / Techno

My ears were first graced by the smooth and sultry voice of Sade at a very early age. My mother used to play “Diamond Life” on tape to lull me to sleep, and ever since, goosebumps rise whenever those vocal chords are struck.

So when I heard Bowly of Montreal’s Knife & Fork crew play the Naked Music Mix of “By Your Side”, at 5:30 am, during one of his and Guilty’s epic endeavors at the Montreal after-hours spot Tarot, I was taken way, way back to my childhood, immediately entranced, and overcome with the feelings of comfort and warmth I felt as a child.

Naked Music is a label based in San Francisco and New York, known for their high-profile sexy house-oriented remixes of artists such as Kelis, Roy Ayers and of course, the lovely Sade. For this remix, Blue Six (one half of Naked Music) turned a simple, major chorded love song into a hauntingly beautiful rendition. I am not ashamed to say it brings tears to my eyes on most listens, especially when I’m with my lady. It’s a true love thing.

Try to find an MP3 version of this one. I dare you! Until you buy it on wax, it’ll have to be the Youtube.

River Lance

River Lance

River is a Montreal-born, Vancouver-raised, lover of music. The youngest member of the MTL based DJ & Producer collective Knife & Fork, he brings a fresh, playful, mixing style to the tables, Strictly a selector at the moment, River's flavour resists the pinning of any genre, and rather takes form in it's ability to make people dance, wile-out, skank, and forget everything but the floor. Keep an eye out for this young-blood DJ behind decks near you, and on the pirate radio station Nasty FM every Saturday at 7 pm ET.