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Future Classic: D33J “1752A”


Perfect soundtrack to the last snowy days of the year, D33J‘s calm and spacey style brings an appeasing break before the hectic rhythm of the upcoming months.

Reminiscent of WeDitIt labelmates Shlohmo and Jonwayne‘s less eclectic productions, D33J still retains the essence of what defines the structure of the new breed of young West-coast producers. Distorted synths, 8-bits drums, 808 patterns, samples, abstract hip-hop structures of broken beats mixed over a spacey, soothing and detached vibe. A self-defining mix through which the genre’s identity presents itself passively.

While it may seem like each producer has its own independent take on the style by adding a personal touch to the common language of the scene, there is still a strong sense of community amongst their peers. A collaborative effort to maintain a sharing scene of self-influencing members that keeps the whole culture moving forward.

As an example of this effort not to alienate themselves from the core of the universal music scene, these producers still include elements of it, rather that define their movement as a defying reaction against the beast known as the “mainstream” music industry. Some of them even put out their own personal take of some of Drake‘s tracks, stating that while not fans of Drake’s entire discography themselves, they’ve praised a couple of his and 40’s productions, that whatever side of the fence you were on regarding their work, you were still bound to listen to their releases.

Like an intricate set of multi-dimensional layers unifying cultures and opinions.


Philippe Sawicki

Philippe Sawicki

Music aficionado from Montreal, looking for anything that crosses boundaries and defies classification. Takes pictures from time to time, when everybody forgot/stopped caring about the camera in the room. PhilippeSawicki.com