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Future Classic: Jacques Greene “Arrow” (Concealer EP)

House / Techno

I just had this recommended to me by a friend. I’ve got some spare time this weekend so I knew I was going to blog about something. Here are a few of the reasons why I chose this track in particular.

Firstly, it’s always nice when the drop in a piece of dance music justifies the build up – you’ll see what I mean when you have a listen. Secondly, house isn’t really my genre but the whole of Jacques Greene’s Concealer EP is just great. I love the idea that this track could initiate my journey into a new style of music.

Finally, and this was the clincher, Jacques Greene is from the much-hyped home of MIMS, the city of Montreal (many of you MIMS veterans will already know this but it was news to me). It seemed fitting that the track recommended to me by my friend from the North of England, which is part of a great house EP, is posted on the Montreal-based blog which I contribute to. Big up my friend Tim, Jacques Greene’s ‘Arrow’ and MIMS. Enough from me; enjoy.

Oh, and by the way another track from the 4 song EP was featured on Lexis’ last monthly MIMS Show. Check out “These Days” here.

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Simon Hilder

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