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Future Classics

Future Classic: Hesk “I Wonder”

I’m sure you’ve all experienced this: the joy of listening to a song for the very first time and immediately falling in love with it. I’m talking about the ones that only take a maximum of 5 seconds for your mind, body and soul to convene and announce it’s unshakeable verdict.

Not too long ago Hesk (#TOMCREW/Project) sent me a promo pack of mostly unreleased new material and let me tell you, there were so many insta-love moments I wanted to share here that I had trouble choosing one! The man is a very versatile juke-master from Montreal who infuses styles ranging anywhere from classic soul to ghettotek.

I Wonder brilliantly samples The Manhattans’ Wish That You Were Mine to put them in a context that is equally as perfect for the footwork floor as it is for the ride home after a crazy night. While I’d love to go on and on about how beautiful this track is, I’d rather just use it as a representative example of his talent. I think it’s more important to shine the spotlight on the artist here, because you really should get to know him outside of just one song. It’s important to note that he is one of the most positive, down-to-earth, friendly and supportive guys I know.

Last year, I had the fortune of witnessing him host and play an incredible New Years Eve party alongside his buds/partners Paveun, Son Raw, Rei Von and Starfoxx. It was about 6am when he got on deck and I will never forget how he dropped solid gold, track-after-track. I could barely stand on my own legs at the time, but made it a point to stay on the floor to witness the glory (and ask him for a few track titles later on). As it turns out, much to my surprise, most of his set was comprised of his own productions!

This year we’ve had great releases by Rashad, Traxman (and a few others fellow jukers who I suspect will see a place on the top of some 2012 lists) and I believe Hesk’s hits ride right beside them. Get on his Soundcloud as he’s a very prolific producer and watch out for killer collabos with Paveun (a great beatmaker in his own right!).