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Doc’trin Presents: Lonely Lovers VI

Shout out to the lonely lovers! Word around the street is – Valentines Day may be slowly fading away. Whether this is a socio-economic consequence of its hyper-commercialization or simply a modern-day reflection of “love” itself, one thing is for  Read more  »

Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: The Crowns “How Can He Lead You” (1977)

A couple of weeks ago, the homie Lexis and I were spinning a brunch gig together and he said something I instantly connected with and knew I’d share with you: “As a music lover, there’s nothing more frustrating than attending  Read more  »

MIMS Lists

DOC’TRIN presents: “Lonely Lovers V” (Happy & Healthy Edition)

Happy Valentines Day from the MIMS team! It’s hard to believe we’ve reached our 5th annual Lonely Lovers playlist. Thanks to everyone who’s been following! If you’re new here, the concept is simple: Every year we’ve been tactfully requesting our  Read more  »

Future Classics

Future Classic: Convertion “Let’s Do It” Feat. Leroy Burgess (Louie Vega Remix)

March 2nd cannot come soon enough. A few months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Louie Vega (half of Masters At Work) for an amazing project I’m working on and will soon announce. While we were busy packing up,  Read more  »

MIMS Lists

DOC’TRIN presents: “Lonely Lovers IV” (The Restraining Order Edition)

Shortly after we completed the Lonely Lovers trilogy last year, Lexis and I thought it would be a good idea to vitalize future V-Day mixtapes with additional challenges.  Don’t ask why, but one of the first sub-themes to surface from  Read more  »