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Future Classic: Jay Shaw “Outre Manche EP” (Rutilance Recordings)

House / Techno

I tend to be really picky when it come down to those new 90’s sounding tracks. Over the last year two French labels have really made an impression on my often hard to please ears : KV Records (Kool Vibe label, I’ll share something of theirs soon) and Rutilance Recordings.

Run by Gunnter and DJ Steaw, Rutilance Recordings has an authentic mid 90’s sound that reminds me of imprints such as Large, Nite Grooves, Kult and even Strictly Rhythm. Nothing less! Following releases by DJ Steaw and Sunny Galaxy, they strike back with an EP courtesy of Jay Shaw. If you’re wondering who the hell is that guy, he’s the one responsible for the massive Blunt Instrument “Hold Back” track released on Dungeon Meat back in February.

The “Outre Manche EP” is full of raw grooves just waiting to hit you real hard. My pick would have to be “Need U”. The intensity of the track takes me back straight to 1995. In fact this sounds like it was released way back then, kinda like a lost Jovonn or DJ Romain lost DAT. A very authentic house jam that’s rockin’ relentlessly.

Highly recommended, a very solid EP with 4 stompin cuts!

The RawSoul

The RawSoul

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